Thank you and goodnight

It seems appropriate, in this Armistice month, that I should write my Last Post.

I haven’t renewed my WordPress subscription as I feel I have said all I want to say under my theme of At 26 – stuff I wish I’d known back when I was that age.

Although I have strayed from my point, on a number of occasions, when I started my blog, I had some specific objectives. Here’s how I got on with those.

My main aims were:-

  • tackle my IT/social media fears to set up a basic blog – 
  • challenge myself to put my thoughts and writing out there for others to read and comment upon – 
  • order my thoughts around some issues that I have encountered, in my adult life, and write about them in a reasonably coherent way – √  ( I think)
  • read other blogs, on topics of interest to me, to see what’s going on out there and what others are doing, beyond my little world – 
  • get some stuff out of my system – 
  • leave some sort of cyber footprint – ???? (not sure about that one, but I find now it doesn’t matter)
  • practice my writing skills in preparation for that novel I always meant to write – 

It feels really good, as the year draws to its close, to have accumulated those √. My confidence, some of which I lost, as a consequence of some personal issues, has been restored. I feel inspired and excited to go forward into next year with some new challenges. As I approach another birthday and, after that, hurtle towards another with a round number with a 6 in it (!) I am grateful and really quite chuffed to anticipate interesting stuff ahead of me and possibilities. I’m hopeful that you’re never too old for possibilities. I say that, having recently read about a dear old lady who did her first sky dive in her 90s. At the moment, I haven’t set that as one of my challenges, but you never know …………………….

Before I put down my cyber blog pen, at least for the time being ( I may be back!), I want to say a big thanks to those who have taken time to read, consider and comment on my posts. That has been such an affirming experience for me. You’ve helped me a lot. At the same time, it has been beyond interesting to hear about lives led both here, in my own country, and abroad as well. I have been a bit sexist about the blogs I follow, not deliberately, but I have so loved the insight into the lives of other women, both older and younger – the issues they face and how they tackle them. There are some amazing women out there, but then I always knew that. The guys are great too, but they always knew that! 🙂

I plan to keep following my favourite blogs, even though I will not be writing myself. Well, I will be writing, just differently. I aim to try and complete a novel rather than just talk about it. After that, who knows? Maybe I’ll write another. I’ve started and I’m enjoying it, but I know I’ll get fed up eventually and then I’ll have to dig in to get to the last page.

Apart from that, I’ll continue with my part-time work in adult social care. In the next few weeks, I’ll start work as a helpline volunteer for a mental health charity. Around and between this stuff, there will hopefully be more travels with my partner and my dog as well as time to just be….. I realise I need that for my own mental health. It’s taken a while………..

So keep on blogging people. You’re doing a great job. Most importantly – look after yourselves and your own health and wellbeing.

Adios amigos


2 thoughts on “Thank you and goodnight

  1. I always find it interesting how certain things or actions only have a brief visit in our lives. We need it, it serves its purpose and then is gone.
    I’ve started writing my first novel as well and someone asked if I would keep blogging. YES! was my answer as I still have so much to share about our adventure. I do know that I will have to not be as frequent if I am to focus time on my novel. Keep in touch and good luck with the novel.


    1. Thank you so much for this. Yours is one of the blogs I will continue to follow. You sound like you are living a dream and I love to read about that. You also take some fabulous photos so you should carry on. Good luck with the novel. I look forward to reading about it. Let’s hope we have the staying power! 🙂

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