I do love to be beside the seaside (or view from my motorhome sofa)

We’ve been away for the past couple of weeks. Me, my partner and our dog, all together in the motorhome we bought a couple of years ago.

If you’d told me, thirty odd years ago, that I would one day enjoy holidays in a motorhome, I would have snorted at you, derisively. Back then, I thought motorhomes and caravans were for middle-aged and older folk who lacked a sense of adventure. Well, hey, how time flies and here I am, very middle-aged myself. Though not the most adventurous person I know, we have so far been through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany and Denmark. Last Christmas and New Year, we took the motor home down to Spain for a month and there have been several mini-tours around the UK, most recently in Cornwall and the south-west. Our 2 year old Labrador accompanies us wherever we go. We all have a jolly good time.

When planning a trip, I try to choose a variety of locations, but at some point, I am always drawn to the sea. Having read a few interesting blogs recently, on the “nature/nurture” theme, I have come to the conclusion that we are drawn to places where we found happiness in our formative years. In my case, I was born and brought up in seaside towns and lived beside the sea until I went away to university, at 18. As a child, most of my school holidays were spent happily playing on the beach or in the sea. In my teenage years, my adolescent angst was eased by the big skies, the vast expanse of sea and the forgiving, soft sand of the beach.

So I chose Cornwall for our Spring break, as it is noted for its fine coastline. I went there with my parents, when I was 15 (no, not in a motorhome or caravan, incase you’re wondering). I didn’t want to be on holiday with my mum and dad, at that age, and boy, did I make that clear. Every photograph of me on that holiday has me looking glum or scowling. I decided it was time to revisit Cornwall, this time with more grace and appreciation. It turned out to be a cracking choice. So here is a quick “big-up” for Cornwall and I’m not being paid to plug.

Wild and rugged coastline, tempered by a variety of vegetation along the shoreline and coastal path. Mediterranean coloured sea:-


Gorgeous and extravagant gardens, including The Eden Project.

Culture at the fabulous Tate Modern St Ives, where views of the Atlantic Ocean provide a backdrop to some wonderful art.

Oh and not to forget the cream teas, Cornish pasties and Cornish crab.


I must also mention the wonderful Shalikabooky cafe right on Pendower Beach. Again, no incentives for me to do so. The food is simple, but delicious and the lovely owner has an eco-friendly business culture, avoiding single use plastics. The location and view from the patio garden are to die for.

View from Shalikabooky CafeShalikabooky Cafe

Who knew motorhoming could be such fun??!!




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